How it works

max: 50x50x50cm/25kg

Step 1: Get your code

Using the BringIt app, get your unique sending code and mark it on your item.

If you're the one sending the item, label it with both the sending code and your mobile number.

If someone else is sending the item for you, have them mark the sending code and your mobile number on the item ready for pickup.

Step 2: Tell us where and get your price

Give us all the info we need to pick up and deliver your item quickly.

We'll give you two delivery time options with prices. You choose which one suits.

Step 3: One last click and we're on our way

You can track when the item was picked up and delivered. Delivery will be charged to your credit card or account.

Coverage and pricing

With hubs throughout New Zealand, chances are we’ve got you covered. Check out your region.

Or calculate the price for a delivery

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