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It's easy to BringIt

1. BringIt gives you a sending code

When you open the BringIt app it gives you a unique 3 digit sending code.

2. Mark the sending code on the item

If it's you sending the item, label it with both the sending code and your mobile number.

If someone else is sending the item for you, have them mark the sending code and your mobile number on the item ready for pickup.

3. Tell us where to pick up and deliver

Give us all the info we need to pick up and deliver your item quickly.

4. BringIt tells you how much

We'll give you two delivery time options with prices. You choose which one suits. (Example above is for a distance of 5km)

5. One click and we're on our way

You can track when the item was picked up and delivered. Delivery will be charged to your credit card.

Let BringIt do your running around

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  • Focus on providing great customer services, we'll do the delivery.